About Casa Esperanza

Our mission is to empower the families of Blythe Street neighborhood to be self-sufficient and create their best possible future. Casa Esperanza builds community for the Blythe Street neighborhood by engaging families to become active stakeholders. Casa Esperanza has supported and empowered 297 families to be self-sufficient and create their best possible future. 120 youth who participate in Casa Esperanza programs have resisted gang affiliation and gained skills and confidence.


When the IHM Blythe Street Project began in 1992, the staff conducted a comprehensive needs assessment through a review of demographic data, interviews with representative human services agencies in the greater Panorama City area, and a community-wide door-to-door survey of residents and focus groups of parents. This survey and focus groups has led to the development of this proposal. It clearly identifies several critical areas to be addressed. A clear example: to prevent family violence, including physical and sexual child abuse.

[Read More About Our History in “A Street Called Blythe”]

The Blythe Street Project targets Panorama City and especially the Blythe Street neighborhood, a three-block area that is located just west of Van Nuys Boulevard and south of Roscoe Boulevard. The Blythe Street neighborhood is entirely residential in character, and is home to about 5,000 residents, who live in extremely dense two and three story walk-up apartment buildings.

The project targets poverty and low income, immigrant Latino families who reside in a medically indigent area who are at risk for joining gang, dropping out of school, domestic violence and rape. In addition, Blythe Street neighborhood families are from a poverty area where substandard housing, over-crowded conditions, alcohol, drug addiction, gang and crime exert oppressive conditions that affect health.


  • After-School homework help/Tutoring
  • Taekwondo
  • Ballet Folklorico
  • Guitar
  • Youth Cardio Class
  • Little Mountain Climbers
  • Girl Scouts
  • Teen Leadership
  • Summer Programs
  • Annual week long environmental education/Camping Trip to Mono Lake
  • A variety of enrichment activities


  • Parenting Class: How to Make Parenting a Pleasure
  • Computer Literacy
  • ESL
  • Leamos: Adult Spanish Literacy
  • Sewing
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
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