Every Child is Special

Casa Esperanza Stories

Casa Esperanza Supports GRYD

We are proud to support the Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) program sponsored by the city of Los Angeles with Mayor Garcetti’s Office here at Casa Esperanza in association with the organization New Directions for Youth. This is a program that is aimed towards youth from the ages of 10 to 15 that live in areas that are at risk to gang activity, possible domestic issues, and considered less likely to succeed academically.


For one year we keep track of the kid’s well-being and behavior at school and at home with their families. There is school support through character building, homework assistance, and after school activities. There are family strengthening activities such as parent support groups, family and youth counseling, anger management, conflict resolution, and health & nutrition. All with the intention of keeping them on the right path to having a bright and successful future.


As for youth activities we provide mentoring, take them on field trips, get them involved in sports, and attempt to expose them to as many new experiences as possible. We want our youth to thrive, achieve, flourish, succeed, and be empowered by knowing that they are an important asset in their communities. They have more than what it takes to be successful and that is why we invest valuable time at such a crucial time in their lives.



Blythe Family Night

We would like to thank everyone in the community that was able to attend our Family Night event this past April. It was a pleasure for us to have everyone here with Loteria for the parents, a bounce house, and video game truck for the kids to enjoy. We look forward to hosting more events that everyone can come to and have a good time. Stop by the office to check on upcoming events or stay posted to see what’s going on. A special thanks to the LAPD officers that were able to stay and supervise our event as well!!


Les queremos decir gracias a todos los que pudieron atender nuestro evento de Noche Familiar en Abril. Fue nuestro gusto tener los a to todos aquí con lotería para los papas, un jumper, y troca de video juegos para que disfruten los niños. Esperamos en tener más eventos para que ustedes en la comunidad puedan llegar y disfrutar con nosotros. Lleguen a la oficina para información de más eventos o esperen que les avisemos por aquí. Gracias especialmente a los oficiales del LAPD que pudieron supervisar nuestro evento!!!


Daddy and Me Paint Night

This event was an opportunity for the Dads of Blythe St. to spend some quality time with their children. We wanted this to be a creative way for Dads to be around their kids while giving them a chance to have some freedom of expression.


It was a great turn out and everyone that participated had a great time. It is a difficult task for the Dads to be around as much since it is usually the Moms that are more involved throughout the day while the Dads are away at work.



Stand By Me

This day also marked the collaboration of Casa Esperanza and the students of The Michael’s Daughter Project performing their final presentation. The students worked hard for six weeks writing and creating an original stage production, Stand By Me. This story reflects the importance of service in humanity and begs the question, how can you better help serve your community?





Mono Lake Youth Leadership Field Trip 2017


The youth of Casa Esperanza had their annual Mono Lake/Yosemite camping trip this month. The Outdoor Experiences program in Mono Lake allowed the participants to camp for five days and learn first-hand about the history of the lake and community. The guides taught the youth about the formation of the lake and how it allowed tufas, a calcium carbonate structure, to form. They also spoke about the importance of water conservation and put it into practice by taking quick 3 minute showers during their stay. The group of youth learned about the creatures that live in the lake and got the opportunity to actually eat one called a pupae. Another activity involved them taking part in the conservation of the area by cleaning up the beach of nearby June Lake.


During daily hikes, the participants were able to take advantage of the beautiful sights and scenery. They were all given journals in order to write about their experiences and thoughts. The hikes and views inspired the youth to open up and appreciate the opportunities they receive. During the week they were also paired up with another person that they did not know and were asked to connect with them during the hikes by asking questions and potentially developing a new friendship.  A particular night hike gave the youth a chance to reflect on what their fears were and what they needed to do in order to conquer them.


The night skies in Mono Lake are unlike anything in the city and the youth were thrilled to be able to see such a star-filled sky. They slept outside in order to fully take advantage of the environment they were in. The youth were exposed to a number of new things they have never seen or experienced before. The 5 day trip to Mono Lake is an event that everyone at Casa Esperanza looks forward to every year. The experiences gained and memories that are made are things that last a lifetime.